Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 5 Saint Mary's April 1, 2009

For the most part, the activities we have provided the students at St. Mary’s with have been appropriate for the students.  We have considered the age levels of the groups of students we have worked with which has helped make sure the activities have been appropriate.  For instance, when working with the pre-schoolers, we provided a game where they pretended to be spidermen, and we used a prop of Doctor Octopus.  The children really seemed to enjoy this activity, however if we used the same activity for the older students, they would probably not enjoy it to the same magnitude.  

When assessing motor skills, it is important for us to keep in mind activities that will provide a valid assessment.  When my group attempted to assess throwing and catching in a version of freeze tag, we realized it was difficult to assess these skills because the students would be too close to the other students.  As teachers, we learn what activities work and do not work through trial and error.  We learned that this game was not a valuable activity in the assessment of throwing and catching.  When choosing an activity to assess skills, the activity might not be seen as “fun” to the students as other games might.  It is important to find games that assess motor skills, but still maintain the children’s interest.

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