Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 4 Saint Mary's March 25, 2009

The most difficult challenge I have faced from working at St. Mary’s has been keeping the children’s attention while trying to explain the games.  Their attention period is extremely short and I often have to stop and get them to quiet down.  Another difficulty has been selecting games that most of the children enjoy, yet still providing a game where we are able to assess the skills for the game.  For certain games, the environment is sometimes chaotic.  When my group tried to implement a game where freeze tag incorporated throwing and catching, the environment was out of control.

When giving instructions about a game to the children, I should try and make it more entertaining to them in some way.  However, this problem is difficult to resolve because we can control the environment and the task, but not the learner.  Many children become bored with the games we provide because we are Wednesday’s group and the students have already completed many of the games on Monday.  The best way to solve this problem is to research.  There are many different games online that will assess the same skills.  As teachers, we must constantly be thinking of new and innovative games to keep the students attention.  An idea to solve the problem of the chaotic environment is to work in smaller sections of the gymnasium and work with smaller groups.

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